Tibetans and the Pandemic in Exile

Surbhi Mehta gives an overview of the experiences of Tibetans in India, during the pandemic and the lockdown. From community reposnses to xenophobic experiences, the resilient settlement attempted to leave no one behind.

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Report on ‘Polis Project- Mapping the Uighur Detention Camps’

The Polis Project by Suchitra Vijayan is a venture into the world of research journalism that regularly reports resistances and oppressions across the globe. In one of the Dispatches (episode -21), Alison Killing and Aydin Anwar are invited to discuss the violence against Uighur- Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China. The episode draws attention to the yet to be widely talked about humanitarian crisis in Xinjiang region of China where Uighur Muslims of East Turkistan are kept in detention camps to be ‘re-educated’ and ‘de-radicalized’ by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Anindita Ghosh reports on this discussion, held on 2nd October, 2020.

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