Refugee Watch Online is a widely read, critically acclaimed weekly web journal (published at with the archives hosted at It is a sister concern to the international journal Refugee Watch, both published from Calcutta Research Group (

Refugee Watch Online (RWO) seeks 700-1500 words long research articles, news reports, perspectives and views on issues related to forced migration, displacement, human rights’ violation, and other relevant matters regarding contemporary politics and society. Articles need to be in MSWord format, references clearly indicated within text or in endnotes.

We also welcome reviews of relevant books, films and other cultural products. Reviews should be of approximately 1000 words in length, and carry detailed information regarding the artefact reviewed. Summaries of longer news items published elsewhere are also solicited (with due permissions and acknowledgements procured by the author).  Photographs and other media, topical to the interests of RWO can also be sent for publication.

From the June 2015 issue, RWO is going to contain a special section on narratives, either in the first or in the third person. Narratives of the disposed, forced migrants are actively solicited to both enable their voices to reach a wider public, and to keep research grounded.

RWO also carries call for papers for books, journals, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Please send your submissions and direct your queries to The peer review process and editorial decision making can take up to three weeks.

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